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We gather the second or third Saturday

of each month. 
The location changes from month-to-month. 
We email out  meeting annoucements

through the club's email. 
contact us for additional information. 


March 2022 Member Meeting,

Rotunda at Fain Lake Park 

"Installng a Nuc or Bee Package"


What To Expect... 

Gatherings are very casual. We discuss problems members are having with their hives, articles we have read about, upcoming events. We typically have both local and from out of the area speakers come speak at our meetings. The topics are always relevant to the season we are currently in, or the season ahead of us for preparation sake. We always have Q&A sessions. At times, we schedule fun, social outings including food/drink gatherings at restaurants in the area, and field trips. We will choose to suit up and open a hive of a household a meeting is held and inspect their hive(s), extract some honey, or some other type of field experience.


Come prepared to chat, make friends,

and learn about beekeeping.  


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