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7th Annual Arizona Honeybee Festival
 November 2023

Location: Paradise Valley Community College, Phoenix AZ

The 7th Annual 2023 Arizona Honey Bee Festival is dedicated to bringing awareness to the State

of Arizona about the importance of honey bees to our lives. Who: Beekeepers or people of all ages

who just love bees and want to know more.

On Saturday, November 11, 2023, The Prescott Bee Club was up bright and very early as we met in Dewey

at 6:30am for our trip down to the Valley of the Sun to participate in our 3rd annual trip. All officers and club section leaders were present. Our club was well represented and had an attractive, interactive outside display booth set up that was eye appealing and a draw for the attendees... especially the kids!

In addition to our professional display, we also volunteered in the cl
assroom events to ensure a smooth
transition for the speakers.

In all, 8 classes were given on a wide range of topics from:


Michi Kunugi-Wang
Introduction to Beekeeping


Mike Hills
Gardening for Arizona Bees


Hunter Kerlek
Mycology and Bees


Monica King
Disaster Preparedness for Beekeepers


County Extension
Beekeeping for Profit


Roy Arnold
Advanced Beekeeping Skills


Carvin Wilson
Mead Making for Beginners


Cricket Aldridge
Honeybee Relocation

A lot of fun activities and booths were set up around the college campus by members of other state clubs

and organizations. Of course, there was face painting and bee crafts and in our booth - the hit of the show -

was a demonstration hive with live honeybees and of course the red dotted Queen bee. 

Our members all took turns informing the public about our love for honeybees and
how to become a beekeeper.

The Prescott Bee Club prides itself in our community outreach and services (swarm removal, mentor program)

and our participation in this statewide event was a true bonding experience.

SOO ask yourself.. Why was I not at this great event??
It’s fun, highly educational, and you get to hang with some truly fun people!! 

Hope to see you there next year.

Special thanks to Braidy Boen, our President for the canopy and accessories, Mike and Gina Coons for the demonstration items and organization, to John Michalik for bringing his wood and glass secure observation hive which had people in awe, to Susie Robertson for the display items, signs and getting us organized, to our new T
reasurer Barbara Peterson for keeping the money straight, Cindy Gates had the Dunkin Doughnuts which kept us fueled. Tommie Parcel, Kathy Koorenny along with the others manned the booth and sold lots of honey sticks. Sandra Schilling and her mom Linda, dad Tony and son Carson attended and were part of the support team.
And to Dave Alfonse for knowing how to hold the bee club banner crooked...haa!

Hope to se
e you all at the
Prescott Christmas Day Parade on December 2, 2023!

Please SCROLL LEFT or RIGHT to  enjoy the photos from

the event taken that day by various PBC members.

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