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1.Provide a range of plants that offer a succession of flowers through Spring, Summer and Fall.
2.Choose blue, purple, white, and yellow flowers – bee's favorite
3.Include flowers in different shapes to accommodate many varieties of bees and other pollinators.
4.Plant flowers in clumps – 4 ft. in diameter or more if possible.
5.Plant where bees will visit – in the sun and sheltered from wind.
6.Scatter wildflowers in any spare patch of ground.
7.Let some space in your garden grow wild – bees like weeds!
8.Use local native plants – 4 times more attractive to bees! (see list below)
9.Provide a shallow basin with clean water for thirsty bees.
10. Don’t use pesticides. Check compost labels.

Native Plants That Attract Bees

Compiled by Steve Miller at
The Native Garden
602 S. Montezuma Street, Prescott, AZ 86303

Chocolate Flower                                                                            
Woolly Butterfly Bush                              
Fendlers Sundrop
Blue Mist                                      
Gregg’s Mist Flower
Purple Coneflower
Blackfoot Daisy
Cat Mint
Palmer’s Scented Penstemon
Mexican Hat
Autumn Sage
Trident Sage
Golden Zexmenia
Desert Zinnia 
Prairie Zinnia         

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